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Future of Sex

Nov 30, 2016

On this episode of Future of Sex, Bryony Cole explores the notions of sexual fluidity and what it means for women today. Often, a sexually fluid or bi-curious person may have a clear preference for one gender, but remain open to the other...given our social context most women do not act on the curiosity. What happens when they find a safe space to do so? Bryony talks to the founder of Skirt Club and other women about their experiences with an exclusive women’s-only club. She also talks with Dr Michael Aaron about sexual orientation in the modern age. This episode features conversations with: * Genevieve LeJeune, Founder of Skirt Club, * Isobel Fuller, Sex Therapist * Author Dr Michael Aaron * Other members of Skirt Club. Additional Links: * * To learn more about this show, visit To keep up with Bryony Cole, follow her on Twitter (@)bryonycole. And make sure you subscribe to The Cheeky, Weekly. It’s a (free) spoonful of insights from the future of sex, delivered weekly to your inbox.