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Future of Sex

Mar 1, 2018

Futurists predict women will have more sex with robots than men by 2025, and that it will be common to use teledildonics to connect with long distance lovers...

But, do therapists really believe we will take it further with a robot? And what are the consequences? How can our society cope with technology moving so fast if our attitudes toward sexuality are so far behind?

Future of Sex presents a ground-breaking panel of sexperts:

Tina Horn, host of the podcast Why Are People Into That?,award-winning pornographer and writer

Mal Harrison, sexologist, advice columnist Ms.M for the Museum of Sex and Director, Center for Erotic Intelligence

Dr Tammy Nelson, sex therapist, author of The New Monogamy and Getting The Sex You Want

Sue "Jaye" Johnson, TED Resident, documentary film-maker

Join us for a discussion on the future of sex, technology and how relationships will look in 3 years.

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